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We, at Belhaj’s Company for Industry and Commerce, have a mission, vision, and objectives as shown on this website, and we always have faith in accuracy, perfection and quality. The Company has a group of experts, engineers, technicians, administrators and accountants, each works in accordance with the scope of his specialization, on the basis of the best and modern technologies. Since its establishment, say more than thirty years, the company has established a unique industry and a trade mark that suits everyone, some of which we have a head start in, and some of which we are distinguished in. Because the Company’s activity is based on two foundations: industry and Commerce, one is a complementary of the other… Read more

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Belhaj Company
 for Industry and Commerce

Belhaj Company for Industry and Commerce is a Libyan industrial and commercial company with multiple activities and purposes, subject in its  administrative affairs and financial procedures to the Libyan economic laws that regulating the work of companies.  The Company was established in 1991 pursuant to the Ministry of Economy‘s Decision No. 136 of the year 1991, since then, the Company has been operating in accordance with the regulatory laws. The Company’s activities are based on two main fields, i.e. industry and Commerce. As for the industry, the company is a pioneer in manufacturing “radiators” of all sizes, shapes and usages, as well as the company has very good experience in manufacturing plastic shutters and PVC tools for all needs.

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Our companies
Belhaj Company for Industry and Commerce

      Over years, the company expanded to include under its umbrella a group of other diversified companies


Belhaj Radiators Factory

Belhaj Factory of aluminum rolling shutters

Belhaj Factory of Doors and Windows

Al-Tafawiq Al-Zahir Co.

Belhaj Al-Duwalia Co.

Al-Sahil Al-Sarie Co.

Agents and Partners
Belhaj Company for Industry and Commerce

 After a fruitful experience in the fields of industry and Commerce, the Company gained the confidence from several international companies that have the same activity, so those companies initially entrusted us with commercial agencies, and then the prospects developed into the partnership stage in visions, services and production. Our company is an agent and a partner of the following companies:

  • The exclusive agent of the “Turkish” Company Texan for the manufacturing of electrical diesel generators.
  • The authorized agent of “Turkish” Yilmaz Company for PVC windows and doors manufacturing machines.
  • The authorized agent of the Turkish Company Komline – Sanderson for the manufacturing of PVC profiles.
  • The authorized agent of the Italian Sipar shutter Company.
  • The authorized agent of the Italian Company Stafer for shutter accessories.

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    • Tel. : (+218) 51 265 0600
    • Tel. : (+218) 91 324 2090
    • info@belhajcompany.com.ly
    • Misurata,Libya